Australia’s Folk Music Icon Judith Durham, Dies At 79

Judith Durham
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In this blog here is the another sad news that I discuss about in my blog an Australian lady died, Australia’s folk music icon Judith Durham dies at the age of 79. Let’s have a look about who is she and the cause of her death discuss below.

Australia's Folk Music Icon Judith Durham, Dies At 79
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Who Is Judith Durham

Judith Durham is an Australian singer, song writer and musician. She was born 3 July 1943 Essendon, Victoria, Australia. She became lead singer of the Australian popular folk music group ” The Seekers” in 1963.

She has became the first Australian pop music group. She achieves major chart and sales success in United States and the United Kingdom. She have sold over 50 million records worldwide. In the services of herĀ  music and a range of charities known as ” Victorian of the Year”.

Australia’s Folk Music icon Judith Durham Passed Away

According to the news Judith Durham died in Alfred Hospital in Melbourne on Friday night she is suffering form a long standing lung disease.

This is the sad day for Judith’s family, for her staff of musicians, her fellow seekers, her music industry and her fans in worldwide.

Her band mates share the reviews about her

” Her struggle was intense and heroic, never complaining of her destiny and fully accepting its conclusion. Her magnificent musical legacy Keith, Bruce and I are so blessed to share. ”

Her unique voice make everyone gain millions of heart. Her band mates said about her, she is very kind, humble and gorgeous lady. Everyone feels sad and pray for her.





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